About the Artist


Peter Yesis

A native of New Jersey, Peter demonstrated a natural artistic talent early in life and spent several years in post-secondary art studies emphasizing illustration and commercial art. His artistic life took an early detour into fatherhood and electrical engineering where he remained for over 28 years while relegating his painting to the status of a hobby. Now that his family has matured, art has again moved to the forefront of Peter 's life. Encouraged by his First Place and Peoples' Choice awards at the 2003 Iowa Artist's State Show for a portrait of his daughter, Peter traded his calculator and blueprints for the palette and canvas. The advantage of moving into the professional art world at age 50 is that Peter's rich life experience is evident in the depth and insight of his paintings.

Peter chooses contemporary but everyday scenes, objects and people, representing them in a softened realistic style. His constant challenge is to unveil and represent the inner beauty of mundane objects in light and color. Even after years of study and practice, Peter is captivated by the mystical play of light and shadow in living things and aspires to reflect these in his work. Whether he is painting a still-life, a portrait, a figurative or a landscape, his goal is to draw the viewer 's eyes to the underlying life and sentience of seemingly common objects and scenes.

Working directly from his home in Omaha, Nebraska, Peter specializes in oil paintings. He has already established himself as an artist of note among his peers. His pieces have been purchased by artists and collectors across the world. One of Peter's finest qualities, evidenced in his daily blog DailyPaintingPractice, is his absolute honesty about his work and his courage to experiment with new techniques. A number of his pieces are presently exhibited at the So-Oh Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska.


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